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Antarctic Antarctic & Falkland Islands – Penguins and Sea Birds 11 nights

As the short Antarctic Summer approaches, wildlife activity begins to reach fever pitch. Penguin rookeries are a hive of activity. Nests have been re-established after winter and anxious parents carefully guard precious eggs and feed newborn chicks. Elsewhere, cormorants, gulls and skuas are also busy tending their nests. In the Drake Passage, which separates South America from Antarctica, live the great pelagic seabirds including the spectacular wandering albatross. Petrels also call the open ocean home. Almost from the moment we set sail from Ushuaia in Argentina, the sea birds are our constant companions in our travel south towards the frozen continent. Once in Antarctica, we anticipate incredible encounters with various seal species and migrating whales as they arrive to feed in the nutrient rich waters. We make daily excursions ashore with our expert guides and enjoy a great range of activities. A final highlight of this voyage will be a visit to the stunning Falkland Islands. Located in the warmer Sub-Antarctic zone, an exceptional diversity of wildlife can be found here, including the magnificent King penguin. For lovers of our feathered friends this voyage provides the opportunity to see as many as eight different penguins species, countless seabirds and other Antarctic birdlife.

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Route Map

Antarctic, Falkland Island and Weddell sea map

Departs from: USHUAIA

Returns to: PUNTA ARENAS


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