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Arctic High Arctic Explorer 9 nights

The great appeal of this voyage is the immediate immersion into the Arctic wilderness from the very first day. We achieve this by commencing in Resolute, one of the most northern outposts in the Canadian Arctic. This stunning 10-day journey is the perfect blend of wildlife, history, culture and scenery. The long hours of daylight give us maximum time to explore known wildlife hot spots including one of the largest migratory bird sanctuaries in the world, at Prince Leopold Island. History is a key focus and we plan visiting numerous Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) outposts such as Grise Fjord, Craig Harbour and Dundas Harbour. A highlight for many will be a visit to remote Beechey Island, the final resting place of several men from Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition in the 1840’s. Along the ice floe edge we encounter beluga and bowhead whales and hope to encounter the mythical narwhal. Sightings of polar bear can be expected at numerous locations throughout the voyage.

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Route Map

Visit the High Arctic on our High Arctic Explorer visiting above the Arctic circle on a polar cruise with One Ocean Expeditions. Travel the Northwest Passage where great explorers such as Amundsen, Franklin and Frobisher travelled.

Departs from: RESOLUTE

Returns to: RESOLUTE

This voyage starts from Edmonton on a special charter flight. The voyage ends with a charter flight to Edmonton.


Available Dates

2017 2018
August 5-14 August 14-23