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Our Commitment to Ocean Health and Conservation

One Ocean Expeditions commitment to ocean and environmental health is a core mission at the heart of all OOE programming. Through unique and authentic experiences and itineraries, One Ocean Expeditions is proud to create ambassadors for the ecologically sensitive destinations we travel to, aiming to build interest and respect for the oceans and the life they sustain. One Ocean Expeditions enables world-class scientific research by aligning itinerary development onboard the vessels, creating opportunities for science in remote, inaccessible parts of the world.

Partnering with and supporting carefully selected scientific organizations, One Ocean Expeditions offers guests the unique opportunity to learn from and interact with scientists onboard. Long-time partners include Ocean Wise, who spearhead research and global awareness of micro plastics and marine debris, the California Ocean Alliance (COA) who are committed to the research and study of cetacean behaviour and migratory patterns in the Southern Ocean, as well as Oceanites, the global leader in penguin population surveys. These key partnerships create incredible access for One Ocean Expeditions’ guests to build first hand awareness and education on key issues of marine conservation. Working with existing science partners and forging new relationships along the way, One Ocean Expeditions will continue to pursue its vision of understanding and preserving ocean health for generations to come. There is only One Ocean; we need to protect it.

Featured Initiatives

A New Era of Ocean Conservation:
The Map to Paradise

One Ocean Expeditions and internationally renowned marine ecologist Dr Ari Friedlaender are featured in the recently launched movie ‘Map to Paradise’ by Bluebottle Films. The documentary shows a collection of character-driven stories that convey the quest of individuals, communities and nations doing what they can to protect the last wild and pristine places on Earth.

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Latest News on Our Commitment to Ocean Health

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One Ocean Expeditions provides immersive and experiential education programming for guests travelling onboard their expedition vessels. Through partnerships with organizations such as The Royal Canadian Geographical Society focusing on youth education, they are able to extend this program by building Canada-wide curriculums specific to the Polar Regions, which are available to schools across the nation. Through various means of research, onboard scientists collate their data during expeditions, providing relevant and proprietary insight to universities and scientific institutes. This research directly supports understanding about climate change, infiltration of micro plastics in the ocean, migration of wildlife, and population tracking of marine mammals/cetaceans.