Special Programs

At One Ocean Expeditions we understand every client joining us is different. Whether it is different ages, interests, activity levels or even different reasons for visiting Antarctica. the high Arctic or the Maritime East Coast, we do our best to provide a customized program for each individual on the ship. Our programs range from low and high intensity activities, creative and exploratory photography, health and wellness, as well as wildlife and remote area appreciation. Depending on your interest we have the perfect program suited to your needs.

Although 96 passengers is a small number, we endeavour to break that group down into even smaller groups, joined by like interests. Our team of adventure concierges work with each individual to help steer him/her to the best activity for each given excursion. In addition, our adventure concierges keep clients up to date on shipboard activities, special events and schedule changes.

Who can do it?

Our varied programs are developed so everyone can participate, based on their interest and comfort level. Our goal is to help you get into the outdoors and appreciate the areas we explore. With certified and trained guides who have a tenacity to preserve and protect the areas we travel our aim to create ambassadors to these regions is a continued reality.  

What is provided?

Our big days outside result in warm and cosy nights dining on great food, excellent beverages, and conversing with great people.  No better time to hit the dry heat Finnish sauna, fresh water hot tub, salt water plunge pool or snuggle up by the fireplace in the bar/lounge with a hot drink.  All of these facilities create a welcoming atmosphere onboard both Akademik Ioffe/One Ocean Navigator and Akademik Sergey Vavilov/One Ocean Voyager.  

For specific (optional) programs here are some key details as to provided equipment:

Camping in Antarctica - high quality bivvy sacs, high loft great quality sleeping bags, insulated sleeping pads, avalanche shovels (to assist in digging out your home for the night), snowshoes to access break ground if needed, and a few tents are available for those not interested in an open sky experience. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and sense of adventure!

Photography - One Ocean Expeditions offers a wide range of photography options. This varies from our gauranteed Photographer in Residence program, Enhanced Photography Program, Expedition Photography, and our comprehensive Photographic Symposiums.  It goes without saying that on every departure we provide our multimedia room for photo downloading and optimization, professional guidance from our onboard staff, zodiac drivers and guides who understand the needs to capturing experiences behind the lens, and of course the time to appreciate and capture experiences on film (digital card).

Marine Mammals Experience - GRUVA, marine mammal eduational access through specialists in their field

Sea Kayaking - top quality goretex dry suits, insulated neoprene booties, insulated neoprene pogies, kayak fitted PFDs, top quality paddles, top quality single and double sea kayaks.  Our list is long of the provided equipment as it includes all vital paddling accesories as well as safety gear for each boat.  Please inquire for our full list of required gear you will need to bring for this program.

Overnight Sea Kayaking - for this specialty overnight program everything is supplied that is required for overnights away from the ship.

Ski Touring - Antarctica Off the Beaten Track - we provide the group safety gear as carried by our IFMGA mountain/ski guides, as well as day tripping equipment and essentials.  Please inquire for our full list of required gear you will need to bring for this program.

Snowshoeing - top notch snow shoes that are ideally suited to our Lacrosse gum boots.  Hiking poles to assist with balance, whether cruising the beach or breaking trail.

Hiking - experienced staff who know the area and how to safetly explore whilst still preserve these sensitive ecosystems.  Hiking poles are available at any time and our Lacrosse gum boots are ideally suited to comfortable walking and hiking onshore.  

Health and Wellness - highly experienced RMTs (registered massage therapists) offering a full suite of massage services, our infamous smoothy bar, heart healthy options at each meal, and a member of staff trained in either yoga or fitness on every departure.

Please discuss your interests in our special programs with your agent, as you may need to enrol in advance for select activities. 

What you need to bring?

This is a question we are asked almost daily by people preparing for their trip onboard.  For our full pre-departure information package, please inquire with your agent.

Please discuss your interests in our special programs with your agent, as you may need to enrol in advance for select activities. 

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