join us on your next polar adventure

Providing the most stable and complimentary platform for our diverse small ship adventure options and high level customer service, continues to be a key priority for us when travelling in the High Arctic photographing polar bears and bowheads, or in the Antarctic surrounded by penguins and humpbacks.

Therefore we continue to assess and evolve our product to answer the needs of our discerning clients.  

With our common sense approach to pricing, limited passenger numbers and our commitment to ecological preservation and conservation we continue to redefine Arctic expedition cruising and Antarctic expedition cruising.  

Nature-Oriented Expedition Cruises Antarctica & Arctic

From the confines of our busy, urban lives that mask so much of the natural world, it is easy to forget how dependent we are on the ocean.

Sometimes seeing it is the only way to believe it. 

One Ocean Expeditions is an innovative, service-first, small ship Polar cruise company that offers comfortable and educational nature-based Arctic and Antarctic holidays to remote destinations in Antarctica and the Arctic. The spectacular Polar wildlife and landmarks will open your eyes like never before. Majestic mountains capped with glacial ice, wildlife abound and options for you to choose how your adventure unfolds, have just redefined your once in a lifetime expedition to the North or South pole area at the top and bottom of the world. Pair this with our exceptional staff onboard including specialists in their fields (photography, geography, wildlife, ornithology, professional guides) and adventure concierges who excel at ensuring your trip is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Exceptional Customer Service + Environmental Responsibility

At One Ocean Expeditions, our small ship expedition cruises focus on people, exceptional customer service and environmental values. Our company is built on a foundation of social responsibility and global mindedness that elevates One Ocean Expeditions to the forefront of the Polar cruise industry. 

As our special guest, you will witness the beauty of coastline habitats and the majesty of Antarctic wildlife. And you will grasp - perhaps for the first time - just how fragile our relationship is with this one ocean.