Finally true expedition cruise platforms offering modern, stable and sleek design with the latest in navigation and safety technology. Join us on your next polar adventure.

Our Vessels

One Ocean Expeditions was created with a 'safety first' attitude without compromising your comfort on our vessel. The Akademik Ioffe/One Ocean Navigator, and the Akademik Sergey Vavilov/One Ocean Voyager are perfect small expedition cruise ships catering to your adventurous spirit. as well as the concept and implementation of ecologically responsible travel and personalized service.  All of which we lead the industry in.

Our ship has state-of-the-art radar, communication and other navigational equipment as well as modern fire and flood prevention systems. To help us customize your trips, these vessels have maximum maneuverability to get in and out of the most interesting places, safely, not to mention generous outdoor deck space and a large inclusive bridge for ease of passenger use.  Paired with twin engines, twin (controllable pitch) propellers,  a bow thruster and stern multidirectional thruster (aqua-master) these ships lead the way with point specific movement and operational support.  The benefits of these features are greatly appreciated when a  'lee at the gangway' is requested by our staff for safe and easy embarkation and disembarkation of passengers via zodiacs. Not to mention a pod of whales popping up to our stern, thus suggesting an immediate spin of the vessel by 180 degrees on its own axis. 

Green Voyaging: Sustainable Tourism in the Polar Regions

One Ocean Expeditions staff are pioneers in the area of environmental responsibility for expedition cruising. We have built our reputations as leaders in the field of sustainable tourism management so our ships will meet and exceed the latest marine environmental protocols.

We burn cleaner fuels and treat our waste in the greenest way possible. We have also implemented an industry leading responsible purchasing system, taking great care to ensure the products we buy are not derived from endangered species nor does the use of these products contribute to loss of sustainability in the region from which they came.

We aim to use ‘green’ products wherever possible. We are even taking measures to understand and mitigate our carbon footprint while offering all passengers the chance to carbon offset their One Ocean Expeditions’ journey.

We are confident our overall practices concerning environmental responsibility and sustainability are unrivalled in the expedition cruise industry.

Zodiac Operations

All of our polar excursions off the ship are made possible via inflatable Zodiac boats we carry onboard our vessel.

With a total approximate capacity of 92-96 passengers, we are able to comfortably transport all our passengers to and from the ship. It also means we can cruise the waters at the same time, exploring beautiful coves and catching exciting wildlife sightings together in small intimate groups.