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Humahuk Expedition

supported in part by One Ocean Expeditions

With a reputation for innovation and quality expeditions, One Ocean Expeditions is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Humahuk Expedition - a ground search using oral traditions to find the remains of the Franklin Expedition.

"For well over 30 years, I have been fascinated by the mystery of Sir John Franklin, and his fated expedition. This fascination, which has led to over a dozen expeditions in and around King William Island, was inspired by a story told to me by my late, great grandmother. In her younger years, she shared with me that she had come upon artifacts and a grave, which she believed to be connected to the Franklin Expedition. The drive to find these artifacts and grave, and connect my great grandmother's story with an answer to the great Canadian mystery, has since guided my work, and will serve as the inspiration for this expedition."

- Louie Kamookak

Louie Kamookak is an Inuit historian whose years of dedicated research helped find the lost Erebus ship. He was awarded an Erebus medal by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society at the Royal Ontario Museum, and was also recently part of Can Geo Talks 2016, Inuit Oral Tradition and Franklin.

One Ocean Expeditions is dedicated to helping Northern Canadians tell their story. The Northern waters of Nunavut are rich with Canadian history and through partnerships with RCGS, One Ocean Expeditions is able to support traditional story-telling through expeditions like Louie's where he will be exploring the same lands he learned about through familial oral history.

With parallel goals of sharing the Canadian Story, the RCGS and One Ocean Expeditions have partnered in expeditions such as the 2014 Victoria Strait Expedition, which lead to the successful find of Sir John Franklin's ship, the HMS Erebus.

One Ocean Expeditions pairs experience and passion for the Polar Regions with ongoing support and commitment to the Canadian Arctic.

As a Fellow of the RCGS, and Managing Director of One Ocean Expeditions, Andrew Prossin is honoured to be involved in this year's endeavor to use local Inuit traditions in hopes to unveil part of Canada's history.


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